Elena Kalogeropoulos & THE GOOD LAB.

The & the good lab network enables us to exchange knowledge & ideas, providing us with access to a wide range of expertise, resources, and information. We share the belief that organizations & teams can only achieve impact if they remain adaptable & open to learning. Interested in more information or becoming part of our network?

Michael Puntschuh

Michael (he | him) is a researcher, speaker, and advocate for human rights in the digitized world & founding member of the network. As a social scientist, he focuses on online human rights, tech governance, and other societal & legal aspects of digital technologies. Currently, his work centers on criteria for designing algorithmic systems, public innovation, digital & AI ethics, as well as algorithmically mediated discrimination.

Lisa Ertl

Lisa Ertl (she | her) is a systemic organizational consultant with a special focus on diversity & founding member of the network. With extensive experience in management & guiding developmental processes across various sectors & organizations, she is dedicated to creating clarity, opening spaces for diverse perspectives, and exploring new avenues of collaboration.

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