Elena Kalogeropoulos & THE GOOD LAB.

I'm eager to share updates about the & the good lab network & topics such as strategy & leadership, public innovation & change, and cutting-edge tech & diversity with as many individuals as possible. I also welcome opportunities for knowledge & experience exchange. Interested in connecting with me or my network? Let's start the conversation.


Driving change with Design Thinking

On May 16, we presented our publication "Driving Change with Design Thinking - Ideas from the NEGZ Design Thinking Working Group" to about 80 participants and invited them to a fishbowl discussion. For sustainable change in public administration, it is necessary to …

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New partnership with reframe[Tech] – algorithms for the common good

“Everything is new in Ma... April ✨”... quoted the introductory post on LinkedIn: I'm delighted to be joining the team of the Bertelsmann Stiftung's “reframe[Tech] - Algorithms for the Common Good” project to contribute to the Erlesenes newsletter: a curated selection …

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Data Stewards Bootcamp in Berlin 2024

I am delighted to be currently advising The Data Tank on a great project: Together with the Bertelsmann Stiftung & TheGovLab, we are organising a Data Stewards Intensive Course (Bootcamp) in Berlin from 10 June to 14 June 2024. The course is free of charge, takes …

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AI & HR: How does the AI trend affect HR?

The introduction & rapid development of generative AI has helped accelerate the AI trend. AI has an impact on all areas of work. HR is particularly affected by potential changes. As part of my keynote for a large charity organisation, we were able to address the …

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‘(Anti-)racism in organised sport’ – a visionary cooperation

What an opportunity! At the beginning of 2023, the German Sports Youth in the DOSB e.V. (dsj) and the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) launched the joint project ‘(Anti-) Racism in Organised Sport’. My network partners from Diversity Kartell & I have had …

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Discrimination & Bias in AI — Webinar for NPOs

I was delighted to be able to offer a webinar for the Haus des Stiftens on a topic close to my heart – tailored to non-profit organisations: Bias in AI. When the automated allocation of university places favours wealthy candidates, or a company's recruitment software …

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History from the Machine: Implications of AI for Universities

As a speaker at the 54th German Historians' Congress, I addressed the integration of AI within historical science. The discussion revolved around the challenges historians face in comprehending the epistemological implications of AI methods & evaluating their …

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"The Map is Not the Territory" & Other Misconceptions in Leadership

In her article, Elena Kalogeropoulos explores the evolution & future of leadership, offering a simple yet valuable tool for leaders (and beyond). An interesting takeaway: Leadership is increasingly seen not only as an act of motivation, power, or coaching, nor …

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Conference on AGG Reform: Discrimination by AI

Germany Forward: That was the motto of the specialist conference organized by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (ADS), held in Berlin on April 20th. The focus was on the reform of the General Equal Treatment Act ( AGG). In this context, I had the honor of …

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Advancing Gender Equality with AI: Invitation by the German UNESCO Commission

I had the honor of moderating a session titled "Entrepreneurial Approaches to Avoiding Discriminatory AI Systems" at the event "Artificial Intelligence for Gender Equality and Against Discrimination - Policy Approaches of the German UNESCO Commission." We explored how …

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Making Design Thinking Accessible in Public Administration: Hands-on Experience

The successful implementation of the workshop paved the way for a deeper understanding of Design Thinking principles and phases. Using the challenge "Enhancing Citizen Services Experience in the Digital Age" as a model, participants engaged firsthand in the iterative …

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Leadership in Times of Rapid Change: Navigating Uncertainty

In her latest article, Elena Kalogeropoulos introduces a circular framework for navigating uncertainty during times of change. This proposed circular framework aids in finding a balance between the new & the familiar. The feedback loop within the communication …

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Expanding the Network: Diversity Kartell Joins as a Partner Organization

I am delighted to partner with & advise Diversity-Kartell GmbH in their mission to guide companies towards greater diversity. The consultancy serves all those aiming to manage diversity in communication, content, and personnel. What sets Diversity Kartell apart is …

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New Organizing – Paradoxes & Leadership: Exploring the Postmodern Realm

During the Change Workout Community event for corporate representatives on the topic of New Organizing – Paradoxes & Leadership, Julia Wüster & I were invited to present the New Organizing book project & engage participants in discussions on postmodern …

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Insights into the Future of Digital Youth Work by Elena Kalogeropoulos

I address questions & share insights into the new & exciting possibilities arising from digital developments for working with young people. The videos can be found on the digital platform "Ideenverstärker". Ideenverstärker is an open, free online course that …

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The book "New Organizing: How Large Organizations Implement Agility, Holacracy & Co. - and What We Can Learn from It" has been published!

After two years of intensive research, the moment has finally arrived: I hold the printed result in my hands! It compiles case studies from 13 author teams, examining the implementation of various New Organizing approaches such as New Work, Agility, Scrum, Holacracy, …

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In Conversation with Marie Toloue on Digital Communication for Families

As part of my role at the think tank iRights.Lab as a senior policy advisor for the Innovation Office for Digital Life (Innovationsbüro Digitales Leben) at the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women, and Youth (BMFSFJ), I gave an interview to the …

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Elena Kalogeropoulos Contributes as a Network Partner at itstime

I'm excited about the upcoming professional exchange, new perspectives, and collaborative projects. Welcoming itstime –organizational consultalting into our network brings diverse insights. With varied backgrounds in practical leadership, international change …

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