Elena Kalogeropoulos & THE GOOD LAB.

With a background in management, consulting, and startups, I am passionate about leveraging new technologies & systemic approaches to foster connections between politics, civil society, business, and academia. I also enjoy working on these ideas through my writing.

New Organizing

When large corporations adopt trending organizational design concepts, there's often a noticeable gap between the promises of these approaches & their practical implementation. This book compiles case studies from renowned companies, examining the everyday application of various New Organizing methods: New Work, Agility, Scrum, Holacracy, and Purpose. Through insightful analyses, it identifies common implementation challenges, documents follow-up inquiries, and outlines exemplary learning processes.

Digital Debates Guide
Part 1: Algorithmic Systems

This publication (in German) aims to make digital technologies understandable. What exactly is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and how do algorithms and algorithmic systems function? In this paper, my co-authors & I illuminate the inner workings of digital phenomena & their impact on our daily lives. The initial segment of the Digital Debates Guide elucidates the nature of algorithms and their applications across various domains. Moreover, it delineates the capabilities & limitations of Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Debates Guide
Part 2: Algorithms and Discrimination

This publication (in German) strives to demystify digital technologies. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI), what constitutes algorithmic systems, and why is there discourse on algorithm-mediated discrimination? Here, my co-authors & I illuminate the inner workings of digital phenomena & their impact on everyday life. The second installment of our Digital Guide explores algorithm-mediated discrimination: What are the pitfalls in algorithm usage? What defines discrimination? Through real-world examples, we shed light on instances where discrimination is perpetuated by algorithms.

Foreign in the City:
Spatial Aspects of Integration.

Explore the dynamics of migration & integration in urban landscapes. As migration continues to shape open societies, understanding its spatial dimensions becomes paramount. This publication within the .SIAK Scientific Series delves into the interplay between migration, social structure, and urban planning. It examines the phenomenon of spatial migration and sheds light on its social & economic implications.

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