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Master your knowledge.

Navigate in complexity.

Upgrade your potential.

The future viability of your organization depends on its ability to learn. Systemic approaches, critical diversity concepts, & new technologies can enable new forms of collaboration. I am convinced that you already have everything you need in your organization. My network & I are here to guide you in discovering your innovation potential — beyond ready-made recipes — securing knowledge, and the ability to navigate within a complex environment. I am here to support you in shaping your future.


Consulting +

Leveraging my expertise in strategy & leadership, diversity & cutting-edge technologies like AI, as well as innovation management & transformation, I provide strategic guidance to organizations, teams, and individuals. I navigate towards your set goals with precision & purpose — grounded in systemic approaches & change dynamics.

Process Design

Centered on fostering collaboration, we analyze processes & devise efficient procedures for day-to-day operations. Employing a blend of classical, design thinking, and agile methods, I facilitate strategic management & focused channeling of diverse expertise — culminating in the creation of fit models & sustainable strategies.

Talks & Panels

Coupling expertise, experience, and a dash of humor, I eagerly anticipate meaningful discussions & engaging exchanges on equal footing with both audiences & experts. Whether delivering presentations, participating in panels, or delivering thought-provoking keynotes —I am always enthusiastic about sharing my ideas or insights.


Together, we shape future-ready organizations & teams. I specialize in creating forward-thinking organizations & teams. By exploring the balance between stability & change, we unlock meaningful innovation. My network & I are here to guide you in streamlining decision-making & communication, ensuring your organization confidently forges its path in the age of digitalization, data management & AI. Precision matters when seeking tailored solutions for your organization, and we're here to assist you.

  • Crafting impactful changes that resonate with daily practices
  • Facilitating, driving, and supporting digital transformation
  • Utilizing process design to shape & influence organizational culture

Do you wish to see your organization's diversity goals connect & thrive, rather than becoming sources of frustration? Our holistic consulting & training process, offered in tailored formats, gradually integrates diversity into your organization. Our proven model, featuring a multi-stage, scalable implementation program, enables the development & implementation of an inclusive, agile, and effective diversity strategy. I ensure you understand & can competently engage in current debates.

  • Cultivate a discrimination-aware perspective & address unconscious biases
  • Tackle diversity-sensitive organizational development
  • Create inclusive, meaningful, and attractive work environments

Many organizations are currently undergoing a generational shift & facing a shortage of skilled professionals. Together, we develop effective approaches to knowledge management & collaboration. In the era of digitalization & AI, it's crucial to devise adaptable solutions capable of bridging these gaps. With my focus on impact, responsibility, and motivation, we create & implement contemporary concepts, leading to tailored strategies. Throughout this process, we prioritize sufficient reflection & iteration loops to ensure the desired outcome.

  • Develop leadership skills & empower collaboration
  • Purposefully apply digital technologies & foster innovation
  • Uncover & secure internal expertise

In a world surrounded by AI, Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data, the challenges are real. Yet, these advancements also bring opportunities for social innovation, process optimization, audience engagement, and novel models — especially in the non-profit sector. Knowledge is the key. I provide insights into Artificial Intelligence & Ethics, data & common good, algorithms & discrimination. Using agile & design thinking methods, I help develop strategies that uncover potential & foster public innovations.

  • Shape & guide innovation in the public sector
  • Understand AI & Data, and uphold ethical standards
  • Comprehend & mitigate algorithmic-based discrimination


Every project is unique. Over the years, a wonderful array of assignments & projects has accumulated, steadily growing. My network & I deliver our services with a focus on individuality, infused with creativity & passion for what we do. We would be delighted to share with you a selection of projects & provide contact details in partner organizations.

Hallo! :)