Elena Kalogeropoulos & THE GOOD LAB.

Introducing Smartbase in collaboration with the & the good lab network – an interactive learning hub for executives, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. Explore different Workshop formats with curated insights featuring theoretical foundations, practical examples, and actionable guidelines. Stay smart in a smart world!

Smartbase small: Unconscious Bias


Embark on the journey towards diversity-sensitive and discrimination-conscious perspectives — a learning process intertwined with individual, cultural, and structural development. Within the course framework, topics such as diversity, equality, and inclusion are contextualized & examined. Through questions & exercises, participants engage in an enlightening exploration of their own identities. The course adopts a participatory approach, fostering a positive environment for self-reflection & exchange.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Online course
  • Practical handout
  • Max. 9 participants
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Smartbase medium: Agile Methods in Non-Profits


Explore the potential of Agile & Design Thinking methods for process optimization & model development, applicable — especially in the non-profit sector. Learn about the nuances of innovative processes, pitfalls to avoid, and where to begin. Join us in this intensive course for professionals driving & guiding innovation within organizations, where we delve into concrete examples & exchange insights.

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Online course
  • Hands-on case studies
  • Max. 12 participants
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Smartbase large: Leadership and Collaboration


Leadership in Transition: Where is the journey heading? How can you navigate complexity successfully & lead increasingly diverse teams? Explore the evolution & future of leadership amidst rapid digitalization & technological advancements like Generative AI. We provide tools to guide your team effectively within the context of their doing. Join us in setting new leadership standards & developing impactful collaboration approaches in this streamlined Masterclass.

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Location: Berlin
  • Peer case consultation
  • Max. 9 participants
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